Human Biology and Toxicology Unit


Main Activities:
The Department is in charge of first year lectures and human biology lab work supervision as well as lectures on Toxicology and Pharmacology at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy and at the Faculty of Science. The department also conducts research activities in the field of predictive toxicology, primarily involving the use of metabonomics in in vitro and in vivo animal models.

Services offered to third parties:

  • Preclinical toxicological assessment;
  • Analysis of metabolic disturbances caused by drug, disease, or toxic substance;
  • Identification of toxicity marker metabolite for early detection of drug candidates which will cause undesirable effects.

Contact person

Jean-Marie COLET
Jean-Marie COLET
Bâtiment Pentagone, Aile 2A
6, Avenue du Champ de Mars
7000 Mons