Effective member services of the Research Institute :

Algorithms Laboratory FS
Mathematical Analysis Unit FS
Numerical Analysis Unit FS
Biomathematics Unit FMP
Laboratory for Chemistry of Novel Materials FS
Didactics of Scientific Disciplines Unit FS
Numerical Ecology of Aquatic Systems Laboratory FS
Software Engineering Laboratory FS
Algebraic Geometry Unit FS
Theoretical Computer Science Unit FS
Laboratoire Interfaces et Fluides complexes FS
Mathematical Logic Unit FS
Effective Mathematics Unit FS
Methodology and Training Unit FPSE
Atomic Physics and Astrophysics Unit FS
Nuclear and Subnuclear Physics Unit FS
Theoretical and Mathematical Physics Unit FS
Probability and Statistics Unit FS
Psychodynamic and Systemic Clinical Psychology Unit FPSE
Computer Networks and Telecommunications Unit FS
Information Systems Unit FS