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Discover and experience the AGILE method

Communication, Research, Tools and Data Management
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    Starting 12/12/2022
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    1st semester
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Trainer: Pyxis Belgium


The AGILE method is a project management technique that allows for great flexibility and better control of the unexpected.
This method is increasingly used in companies, and its mastery is an indispensable asset for dynamic project management.

The Pyxis Team (one of the Belgian leaders on the topic) will introduce you to the agile manifesto (when, why) : discovering of the 4 values of the AGILE manifesto” ;
Presentation of Scrum, the 12 principles of the AGILEgile manifesto
Experiencing “the agile pulse” in the form of the Scrumble simulation game (in smal groups).
The workshop prioritizes the user stories provided using MoSCoW.

A simulation game will help participant to understand how the Kanban method works,
how limiting an amount of work in progress allows a team to self-organise and
better focus on the most valuable items.

Location: in UMONS (Salle Mirzakani, Plaine de Nimy, Bâtiment De Vinci)

Timing: 2 days, from 12th to 13th December

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