Effective member services of the Research Institute :

Labour Economics Unit (W718) FWEG
International Economics Unit (W764) FWEG
Microeconomic Analysis Unit  (W707) FWEG
Architecture and Society Unit (A530) FAU
Accounting and Management Unit  (W711) FWEG
Human Development and Data Processing Unit (P382) FPSE
Economics and Business Management Unit  (W742) FWEG
Economics and Management in Environment and Production Unit FWEG
Finance Unit (W751) FWEG
Public Finance and Taxation Unit (W765) FWEG
Financial Management and Corporate Governance Unit (W747) FWEG
Marketing and Communication Unit (W727) FWEG
Mathematics and Decision Analysis Unit (W738) FWEG
Methodology and Training Unit (P316) FPSE
General Pedagogy and Educational Media Unit (P303) FPSE
Child and Youth Clinical Psychology Unit (P353) FPSE
Work Psychology Unit (P357) FPSE
Forensic Psychology Unit (P352) FPSE
Family Sciences Unit (P330) FPSE
Political Science Unit (H920) ESHS
Human and Social Sciences Unit (H930) ESHS
Legal Sciences Unit (D920) ED
Educational Technology Unit (P304) FPSE
Information Communication Technology Unit (W714) FWEG
Specialised Translation and Terminology Unit (T204) FTI
Associate Members :