humanOrg collaborates with the InforTech Institute on this project. The development of smart cities creates windows of opportunity to understand broad societal expectations. Smart cities will be able to collaborate in development projects that focus on more than just technology.

Project Wal-e-Cities – GOV UMONS HumanOrg 2016-2020

ERDF Project Portfolio Wal-e-Citie s

The European Regional Development Fund and the Wallonia invest in your future


Goals :

The main goal of the project portfolio is integration of digital into local policies in Wallonia, to make it a connected and intelligent territory. The project is divided into 6 components: mobility, energy and environment, governance, living (urban environment and citizen well-being), communication, economy.

The main goal of the project GOV (Urban Governance) led by UMONS HumanOrg is to analyze the existing relationships between the actors (cities, private actors, users …) as well as their needs and expectations. The implementation of pilot projects will also be monitored and studied. All the data collected will allow us to propose guidelines in the form of recommendations for the Walloon cities and companies wishing to implement a smart policy adapted to their territory and to facilitate the exchange and the sharing of information between the actors.

The implementation of this project is possible thanks to the financial support of the ERDF and Wallonia funds. For more details, please visit the Walloon Government’s website dedicated to the Structural Funds: http://europe.wallonie.be


UMONS HumanOrg researchers involved:

  • Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of Mons:
    • Noémie Lago,
    • Jean Alexandre Pouleur,
    • Pascal Simoens
  • Warocqué School of Economics and Management:
    • Chantal Scoubeau