Effective member services of the Research Institute :

Plasma-Surface Interaction Chemistry Unit (S882) FS
Laboratory for Chemistry of Novel Materials (S817) FS
Electromagnetism and Telecommunications Unit (F108) FPMs
Civil Engineering and Structural Mechanics Unit (F801) FPMs
Electrical Power Engineering Unit (F101) FPMs
Machine Design and Production Engineering Unit (F707) FPMs
Mining Engineering Unit (F408) FPMs
Laboratory of Physics of Surfaces and Interfaces (S877) FS
Interfaces and Complex Fluids Laboratory (S885) FS
Micro- and Nanophotonic Materials Unit (S803) FS
Laboratory of Polymeric and Composite Materials (S816) FS
Metallurgy Unit (F601) FPMs
Biomedical Physics Unit (M104) FMP
Materials Physics and Optics Unit (S878) FS
Materials Science Unit (F502) FPMs
Organic Synthesis and Mass Spectrometry Laboratory (S836) FS
Thermodynamics and Mathematical Physics Unit (F506) FPMs