Effective member services of the Research Institute :

Pharmaceutical Analysis Unit (M130) FMP
Human Anatomy and Experimental Oncology Unit (M112) FMP
Cell Biology Unit (S815) FS
Human Biology and Toxicology Unit (M125) FMP
Molecular Biology Unit (M122) FMP
Cardiology Unit (M106) FMP
General, Organic and Biomedical Chemistry Unit (M108) FMP
Therapeutic Chemistry and Pharmacognosy Unit (M136) FMP
Histology Unit (M118) FMP
Laboratory of Polymeric and Composite Materials (S816) FS
Theoretical Mechanics, Dynamics and Vibration Unit (F703) FPMs
Language Sciences and Metrology Unit (P362) FPSE
Neuroscience Unit (M119) FMP
Clinical Orthopedagogy Unit (P319) FPSE
Physiology and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Unit (M117) FMP
Biomedical Physics Unit (M104) FMP
Proteomics and Microbiology Unit (S828) FS
Child and Youth Clinical Psychology Unit (P353) FPSE
Psychodynamic and Systemic Clinical Psychology Unit (P351) FPSE
Cognitive Psychology and Neuropsychology Unit (P325) FPSE
Forensic Psychology Unit (P352) FPSE
Semiology and General Medicine Unit (M109) FMP