Support Platform in Statistic and Data Science at UMONS

Institutional and transdisciplinary support in statistic and more globally in data science at UMONS for teaching, research and public service.

Data are everywhere and always more abundant

In a numerical and connected world, data are everywhere! They are rich, abundant, full of useful informations. Statistic and data science are indispensable to deal with, analyse, interpret, valorise and present your data.

IProcessing its own data is not necessarily easy for everyone. Specialized statistical software, numerous data formats, good practices and legal aspects (General Data Protection Regulation in Europe) make it a specialist work, at least in the mind of many people. Yet, correctly guided and advised, you could do a lot by yourself. And if the work is too specialized, an expert in the domain could help you.

STATforU is there to support you in your quest.

No mather if you are part of the UMONS community (student, PhD candidate, post-doc, scientist, teacher or administrative officer) or not (business, administration, …), contact us and tell us about your project.

We will be happy to listen to you and to plan with you the support that best suits your needs.

Contact person

Kathy Huet & Philippe Grosjean
Kathy Huet & Philippe Grosjean
+3265373144 ou +3265373497