Research activities

Research at the Civil Engineering and Structural Mechanics Laboratory focuses on conception, design and optimization of structures, whatever the constituting material is (i.e. concrete, steel, timber or masonry). Research activities are also dedicated to other fields of Civil and Construction Engineering, such as Fire engineering, Heritage preservation, stiffness of structures and connections,…

Complex problems are studied through numerical methods, mainly finite element analyses, using commercial softwares such as ABAQUS or SCIA. When dealing with optimization of structures, home-made algorithms are considered (Matlab, C++), which can be used in combination with softwares.

Numerical models have to be compared to experimental results in order to validate numerical conclusions, reason why experimental campaigns are undertaken in our lab.

Some research topics under study at the Civil Engineering and Structural Mechanics Laboratory are illustrated below. Some of them are PhD topics or are studied through master theses.

Our unit is also associated with the following UMONS research institutes :