Research activities

ILIA department has a strong expertise in various areas related to multimedia data processing, collection, and analysis. The research activities of the department cover the problems of parallel and distributed processing, and the development of machine and deep learning models to solve various problems in computer vision and medical image analysis, fraud detection and mechanical failures prediction in the domain of industry 4.0. ILIA department is also working on the deployment of artificial intelligence models on cloud or Edge resources. On the other hand, ILIA department participates in various projects:

  • RW “Comp4 ++” project: Pole Skywin (2021-2025), Explainable AI for production diagnosis in Industry 4.0
  • Logistics in Walonia “e-Origin” project (2021-2023), funded by Walloon region for the detection and prediction of fraudulent declarations. Project in collaboration with Liège airport.
  • Project with Infrabel “Project Field Worker Protection with AI” (2020-2022)
  • WalleSmart (2018-2021), funded by Walloon region: This project aims to conceptualize and develop an innovative, interoperable, and collaborative digital platform dedicated to livestock farming, which enables networking of data and their collective processing.
  • Road-Step (Decision Support System Network – Herd Supervision in Grasslands, 2018-2021), funded by Walloon region national funding
  • FEDER-IDEES « Fondation Technologiques » (2014-2021) : PROGRAMME OPERATIONNEL FEDER WALLONIE-2020.EU

Our unit is also associated with the following UMONS research institutes :