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MAIA Lab took part in NeurIPS 2021 Debriefing Seminars

Published on 17 March 2022
Written by IA Lab
MAIA Lab took part in NeurIPS 2021 debriefing organized by University of Amsterdam on 15 March 2022, wherein PhD students and/or senior researchers briefly presented the papers they found the most interesting at NeurIPS 2021. Ahmad Hammoudeh talked about a paper titled "On the Frequency Bias of Generative Models" authored by Katja Schwarz, Yiyi Liao, and Andreas Geiger.


Time: Tue March 15, 2022, 14h00-16h15
Place: This year’s meeting was held online, via Zoom
Organizers: Jack Mayo and Tim van Erven from the University of Amsterdam

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Event Schedule

14:00-14:30 Julia Olkhovskaya (VU) Efficient First-Order Contextual Bandits: Prediction, Allocation, and Triangular Discrimination by Foster, Krishnamurthy
14:30-15:00 Ahmad Hammoudeh (University of Mons, ISIA Lab & MAIA artificial intelligence Lab) On the Frequency Bias of Generative Models by Schwarz, Liao, Geiger
15:00-15:15 Break
15:15-15:45 Hidde Fokkema (UvA) Framing RNN as a kernel method: A neural ODE approach by Fermanian, Marion, Vert, Biau