Materials Physics and Optics Unit

Optics at the heart of materials ... A laboratory integrated into the Materials Physics Research Center (CRPM) and the UMONS Institute of Materials Science and Engineering

The Laboratory of Materials Physics and Optics (LPMO) is a multidisciplinary group of the Department of Physics of the University of Mons. It is part of the UMONS Materials Science and Engineering Research Institute.

The LPMO has a specific base of skills focused mainly on the study of the optical properties of materials, in thin layers or in volume. Knowledge of optical properties is crucial in many scientific and industrial applications such as the regulation of heat transfer in the envelope of buildings, photovoltaic cells, the design of optical components, semiconductor applications, plasmonic nanocomposites ...

Contact person

Michel VOUE
Michel VOUE
Bâtiment IV, 2ème étage
19, Avenue Victor Maistriau
7000 Mons
+32(0)65 373401