The Institute has been very productive regarding the number of spin-offs launched in recent years.

ACAPELA  is a European leader of voice solutions with 30 years of expertise and market feedback, strong partnerships, deep rooted R&D, an enthusiastic team and a strong appetite for innovation.

They provide voice solutions to provide access to information, enable communication, to express thoughts and desires, participate in social conversation, preserve personal voice identity, and much more, in over 30 languages.

HOVERTONE offers services for the creation of innovative interactive experiences. Their goal is to provoke emotion, spark interaction, tell a story and leave a lasting impression, for your message to reach its audience. they define themselves as interaction designers. They help you to reinvent your customer relationships, by using new technologies to create tangible interactive experiences with you, to reach your audiences and achieve your goals.
ITTENTION develops artificial intelligence solutions which allows to predict automatically and instantly the places which are going to draw the human attention, even unconsciously, on every type of communication material. Ittention AI models the “reflex” attention common to most of people. It combines the results of scientific research in neuroscience, cognitive psychology, information theory and eye-tracking analysis.
DEPTHEN offers solutions which automatically enrich images and videos, by analysing and understanding the content of images and adding meta-data of relevance to your business.

We have also created several structures whose activities go beyond those of UMONS

“Design it and make it yourself! »

This is what the FabLabs offer to students, researchers, designers, artists, roboticians, entrepreneurs and all 21st century do-it-yourselfers who want to move quickly from an idea to a prototype to promote their project.

FABLAB MONS ASBL, is hosted by UMONS and open to the general public.

CLICK’, is the Walloon LivingLab for Creative Industries, created and hoste by UMONS. This is the place where projects become. At the heart of the creative Walloon ecosystem, the CLICK’ Living Lab is the partner of choice for project developers wishing to develop innovative products and/or services through the use of new technologies. Largely
inspired by Design Thinking principles, the working methodology of CLICK’
is based on a succession of phases, including exploration, experimentation
and evaluation (in laboratories and/or in the field), all of which have been cocreated
and rely on user feedback (user experience).


Several spinoffs are currently being incubated

TANGERINE The objective of Tangerine is to facilitate and promote the learning of programming through tangible (non-virtual) games.
EGC EGC aiming at setting up an automatic recognition tool for guitar playing centered on the articulations between notes and expressivity.