NUMEDIARTs activities fall within the theme of Cultural and Creative Industries (ICC), representing 4.3% of EU GDP, and bringing together different markets associated with visual and performing arts, video games, music, cinema, architecture, and advertising. The integration of technology into these markets has grown in recent years, particularly due to the introduction of digital intelligence.

The institute contributes to applied research and the creation of new activities in the creative industries sector by relying on the expertise of 13 research units in areas as diverse as audio and visual signal processing, electronics, architecture, computer science, and management. NUMEDIART has developed many collaborations in Europe and Canada with digital arts schools, the creative industries sector, and universities and research centres which focus their research in this domain.

Our expertise is made available to students through specific off-tracks courses on creative technology and artificial intelligence, mostly as evening sessions.

We also commit to making our research used by others, by organizing outreach activities, both scientific or cultural.

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