Institute for New Media Art Technology

NUMEDIART’s mission is to provide training and research in the field of creative technologies. Created in 2010, it benefits from internationally recognised expertise in the field of deep learning applied to sound, image, video, gesture and bio-signal processing for applications where the human-machine interactions aim to create emotion.

NUMEDIART boasts internationally recognised expertise in artificial intelligence (convolutional networks, GANs, computational attention, etc.). These tools are now experiencing considerable growth and offer numerous applications. The institute also contributes to applied research and the creation of new activities in the creative industries sector by relying on the expertise of a dozen research units in areas as diverse as audio and visual signal processing, electronics, architecture, computer science, and management. NUMEDIART has many collaborations in Europe and Canada with digital arts schools, the creative industries sector, and universities and research centres which focus their research in this domain.

The researchers of the NUMEDIART Institute focus their activities on five areas:

  • Motion capture (MOCAP) and analysis of the resulting data
  • Smarts spaces
  • Understanding and navigating multimedia data
  • Speech and sound technologies
  • Virtual reality and augmented reality

At the heart of this work, we have the same goal: to develop intelligent systems for creating and interacting with media content (sounds, speech, texts, images, videos, gestures, 3D, etc.).


Some numbers

  • 110
  • 30
    PhD Students
  • 100
    Publications per year
  • 20
    Current projects
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