Research at UMONS is carried out by more than 1000 researchers in some 100 departments within 10 research institutes, all of which is supported by the Department for Research Support and Technology Transfer.

Each institute brings together the skills of experienced researchers, post-docs and PhD students from several UMONS faculties. They concentrate their efforts on combining themes covering the three main fields of research, namely life sciences and health, science and technology, and human and social sciences, all of which respond to proven societal needs. In working for the UMONS Institutes, our researchers are provided with increased visibility among international organisations and donors.

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The strength of the UMONS Research Institutes lies in the multidisciplinary nature of their teams (a research and/or teaching unit may be associated with one or maximum two research institutes) and the flexibility of their organisation. At the same time, UMONS recently launched the label “UMONS Innovation Center” which highlights the close collaboration with its associated research centres, such as Materia Nova and Multitel, which are located in the Initialis Science Park of Mons. With all the spin-offs created in recent years, UMONS is actively involved in the development of its region.
Through its quality research and excellence, UMONS is a nationally and internationally recognised institution.

The growing number of publications in referenced scientific journals, as well as citations in international scientific publications, has recently led to the university being ranked among the best universities in international rankings. We must mention the European Union U-Multirank ranking system, according to which UMONS ranks 41st in the world for its scientific publications in international partnerships. In the QS World University Ranking, UMONS is among the Top 150 for the number of international citations. Since 2018, UMONS has also been included in the famous Shanghai University Ranking. In fields such as science and materials engineering, chemistry and physics, it ranks UMONS as one of the best Belgian universities.