Higher Spin Gravity online-club : Junggi Yoon

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Le 07 juin 2022 à 09:00

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Xavier Bekaert et Evgeny Skvortsov

Le prochain séminaire de la série Higher Spin Gravity online-club, co-organisée par l’UMONS et l’Université de Tours, sera donné par Junggi Yoon (APCTP, Pohang, South Korea).

Colored Jackiw-Teitelboim Gravity

In recent years, Jackiw-Teitelboim (JT) gravity has enabled us to deepen the understanding of quantum gravity and the black hole information problem. The BF formulation for JT gravity has a great advantage in extending the space-time symmetry. In this talk, I will discuss the color extension of spacetime which can be thought of as a multi-graviton theory. Despite no-go results and interpretation problems related to higher-dimensional multi-graviton constructions, in lower dimensions, BF theories of gravity can be safely color extended just because of their pure topological nature. Nonetheless, there could be edge states interpreted as boundary “multi-gravitons”. Moreover, I will demonstrate its boundary effective action, which is the color generalization of the Schwarzian action. I will provide the semi-classical perturbative analysis of the boundary action and discuss the instability of the spin-1 mode and its implication for the quantum chaos. Finally, I will introduce a rainbow-AdS2 geometry where the color gauge symmetry is spontaneously broken.

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