Research activities

The research areas of the department concern:

  • Numerical simulation of turbulent fluid flows applied to energy applications and reactive fluids.
  • High-performance computing methods for Large Eddy Simulations (LES) in the field of gas turbines as well as the modeling of gas turbine cycles.
  • The development of methodologies and of operational and massively parallel flow simulations for wind engineering applications such as wind energy, atmospheric pollutant dispersion and urban flows.
  • Biological flows including the pulsating hemodynamics effects on systems to cure cardiovascular diseases such as aneurysms and stenoses. These activities are both numerical (Computation Fluid Dynamics : CFD) and experimental using in vitro chambers. Thanks to collaborations with the hospital environment, we develop, improve, and operate in vitro chambers that mimics pulsating flow conditions.
  • The development of advanced tools and methods for virtual prototyping and optimization by CFD and multi-physics simulation. That competence includs intelligent methodologies by gradient, heuristic, and hybrid methods. These activities and developments are in line with and contribute to the research areas of the “Energy Institute”, the “Risks Institute” and the “Health Institute” of UMONS.

Our unit is also associated with the following UMONS research institutes :