Higher Spin Gravity online-club : Dmitry Ponomarev

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Le 21 juin 2022 à 10:00

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Xavier Bekaert et Evgeny Skvortsov

Le prochain séminaire de la série Higher Spin Gravity online-club, co-organisée par l’UMONS et l’Université de Tours, sera donné par Dmitry Ponomarev (ITMP Moscow).

Invariant traces of the flat space chiral higher-spin algebra as scattering amplitudes

We sum up two- and three-point amplitudes in the chiral higher-spin theory over helicities and find that these quite manifestly have the form of invariant traces of the flat space chiral higher-spin algebra. We consider invariant traces of products of higher numbers of on-shell higher-spin fields and interpret these as higher-point scattering amplitudes. This construction closely mimics its anti-de Sitter space counterpart, which was considered some time ago and was confirmed holographically.

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Meeting ID: 927 5718 8305; Passcode: cL8d07