Pedagogical Engineering and Digital Education Unit

The Pedagogical engineering and digital education unit mainly carries out teaching and research activities in pedagogical innovation and educational technology.

Within the Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Education, the courses Educational Sciences and Training and Educational Sciences: Models of Teaching and Learning aim to provide fundamental knowledge in general pedagogy. Also within the Bachelor's degree, the course Usages des TIC en psychologie et en éducation aims to give an insight into learning and uses of technology. Most of the teaching activities attributed to the department are located in the Master cycle. Thus, the General Didactics course is part of the Common Core of the Master in Education Sciences. Within the module Didactics of the disciplines covered by the competence bases, the courses Didactics of Mathematics and Didactics of French as a mother tongue deepen the discovery of learning models in these two disciplinary fields. The Technological Learning Devices module offers courses in Multimedia Learning Environment Design, Media Pedagogy, Pedagogical Design and Scripting for the specialised Masters in Educational Technology. Within the Training Tools and Media module, through the courses Elaboration of teaching materials: design and editing, Pedagogical development of computational thinking and Distance learning devices, the Pedagogical engineering and digital education unit leads students to apprehend different components of E-learning. The last module assigned to the department concerns Technology and cognitive tools, the courses ICT and basic learning, ICT and pedagogical differentiation and Evaluation of Interactive Environments for Human Learning aim at discovering digital technology for learning. The Pedagogical engineering and digital education unit also intervenes in the Agrégation, CAPAES, didactic management Master's degree and the complementary Master's degree in university and higher education pedagogy by providing the Didactics of mediated pedagogical communication course. As part of its teaching activities and to extend its expertise in the field of distance learning, two MOOCs have been created. The first one, the pedagogical innovation of which you are the hero, thanks to the enthusiasm of the learners, is currently in its 5th season. The second, in collaboration with the Mohammed Premier University in Oujda, Morocco, deals with the Evaluation of digital environments for human learning.

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