Art and Techniques of Representation Unit

Spaces and Environments founded on Image and Perception

The Art and Techniques of Representation Unit was created by the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning in 2012.

This unit groups together:

  • Teaching linked to Techniques of Representation : The discipline of architecture relies on specific means of expression, for example, drawing, geometry and computer graphics. The teaching offered by this unit is aimed at helping students to acquire the technical basics for producing the necessary graphic representations of an architecture project. At the same time as offering this technical training, this unit also provides artistic courses in order to broaden and enrich the students’ architectural designs.
  • Teaching linked to Modern Art : Architecture has always had strong links with the other forms of art. More recently, the aspiration of modern art has been to transform common spaces through art, which, not only gives architecture a central place in the creation of these spaces, but also encourages numerous collaborations between artists. Today, this relationship between architecture and art is called upon a lot, particularly for renovation projects in urban centres, and is encouraged by local and regional policy. Teaching matter related to the arts is included in this movement. They offer a theoretical approach specific to the domain of architecture. This is not studied as a discipline unto itself, but is open to other art forms.

The research unit also carries out various research missions related to techniques of representation, art and architecture.

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