General, Organic and Biomedical Chemistry Unit

Multidisciplinary team of Chemists and Biologists in the Medicine and Pharmacy Faculty. Strong collaboration with the Center of Microscopy and Molecular Imaging in Gosselies.

The laboratory gives courses in the Medicine and Pharmacy Faculty. It is notably responsible for the general and organic chemistry courses in the first block of bachelor (medicine, pharmacy and biomedical sciences), a detailed course of organic chemistry in the second block of bachelor in pharmaceutical sciences, as well as a course of spectroscopy for the students in biomedical sciences and in pharmaceutical sciences. More specialized courses, such as courses on Imaging techniques or on NMR, are given to master students in biomedical sciences or in chemistry. The research activities of the laboratory are oriented towards the design of molecules for diagnosis and/or therapy. For that, the laboratory can rely on a multidisciplinary team of chemists and biologists, composed of permanent teachers-researchers, post-doctoral fellows, doctoral fellows, and master students. The team is completed by technicians who bring their support to the teaching and research activities.

Contact person

Bâtiment Mendeleïev
15, Avenue Victor Maistriau
7000 Mons
+32(0)65 37 35 25