Nordic Studies Unit

Danish, Swedish and Norwegian languages; Nordic cultures, societies and institutions. Translational, didactic, literary, linguistic and textometric studies; social and political discourse analysis.

The Nordic Studies Unit organises the teaching of Danish, Swedish and Norwegian within the Faculty of Translation and Interpretation  and concentrates on inter-comprehension between Scandinavian languages.

It brings together the work of teachers and researchers in the fields of Nordic languages, cultures and institutions and, on this basis, develops transversal projects in translation, linguistics, discourse analysis, literature and didactics.

The Unit is also committed to the spread of Scandinavian culture through lectures at universities and colleges, training courses in Nordic literature, and interventions and interpretation at cultural events.

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Nordic Studies Unit
Nordic Studies Unit
Bâtiment De Vinci
15, Avenue Victor Maistriau
7000 Mons
+32(0)65 37.36.01