Methodology and Training Unit

Research and teaching service specialising in the analysis of educational policies and systems, classroom practices and teacher and management training.

The Methodology and Training Unit, created in 1984 by Pr Pol Dupont, is currently directed by Pr Marc Demeuse.

Our unit is involved in national and international research projects (Ministry of the French Community of Belgium, FNRS, OECD, EU, CONFEMEN, Province of Hainaut, Ecole supérieure de l'Education nationale in Poitiers, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris) aiming at the analysis of educational systems and policies, the creation of indicators of school functioning, the development of tools or teaching/training situations and teacher training. In the field of teaching, the Methodology and Training Unit focuses on the expertise of classroom practices, educational systems, school organizations and teacher training, both in Belgium and abroad (especially in developing countries).

In the field of training, the Methodology and Training Unit has organized more than one hundred seminars for teachers and education managers in Belgium and abroad; it has also organized 10 congresses for education system managers and regularly welcomes trainees for varying lengths of time (from 15 days to 2 years). It is a training operator for various Belgian and foreign organizations, including the Institut de Formation en cours de Carrière (IFC) for which it organizes and certifies the initial training of school principals and the training of other educational personnel (scale 501).

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