Numediart is a long-term research programme centered on Digital Media Arts, funded by Région Wallonne, Belgium (grant N°716631). Its main goal is to foster the development of new media technologies through digital performances and installations, in connection with local companies and artists.

It is organized around three major R&D themes: HyFORGE – hypermedia navigation, COMEDIA – body and media, COPI – digital instrument making. It is performed as a series of short (3-months) projects, typically 3 or 4 of them in parallel, which are concluded by a 1-week “hands on” workshop. Participation to projects is open, and can be done remotely, by physical participation to the workshop is mandatory. No funding is provided, but no fee is asked for either (see calls for participation for further details).

Numediart is the result of collaboration between Polytech.Mons (Information Technology R&D Department) and UCL (TELE Lab), with a center of gravity in Mons, the cultural capital of Wallonia. It also benefits from the expertise of the Multitel research center on multimedia and telecommunications. As such, it is the R&D component of MONS2015, a broader effort towards making Mons the cultural capital of Europe in 2015.