German-speaking Area Unit

Teaching of German language and culture, general and specialised translation and interpreting; research in translation didactics, literary translation, intercultural communication and public service and conference interpreting.

The German-speaking Area Unit teaches translation, interpreting and the German language and culture. In addition to their teaching activities, some of its members work as translators and/or interpreters, while others combine teaching and research activities. What they have in common is the interdisciplinary nature of their teaching practices and the added value of a two-fold theoretical and practical approach. All of them strive to provide students with the necessary knowledge to be proficient in French and German (level C2 in receptive skills), to translate and/or interpret, to handle concordancers and Computer Aided Translation (CAT) software, and to correct a text produced by machine translation (post-editing). Finally, taking into account the challenges of a constantly changing world, they provide their students with the theoretical and methodological skills to identify and overcome obstacles to effective intercultural communication in the workplace.

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Faculty secretary
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