Organic Synthesis and Mass Spectrometry Laboratory

An original association between modern mass spectrometry and organic synthesis for the design of original molecules for targeted applications.

The Organic Mass Synthesis and Spectrometry laboratory - S2MOs - develops research fields at the interface between organic synthesis and mass spectrometry. Structural aspects therefore represent the cornerstone of all research activities carried out in the laboratory, which fall into two main areas: research with mass spectrometry or research on mass spectrometry. In the first axis, modern mass spectrometry methods are used for structural characterizations, including conformational aspects, of synthetic or natural (macro) molecules which find applications in fields as diverse as health, biopesticides, solar energy storage or even chiral recognition. In addition, all available molecules are used, in a method development context, to understand the physicochemical processes that underlie the mass spectrometry analyzes.

Contact person

Bâtiment Mendeleiev, 2ème étage
15, Avenue Maistriau
7000 Mons
+32 (0)65 37 33 42