Science and Construction Techniques Unit

Integrating Constructive Culture and Technology into Architecture

This unit’s main mission focuses on the teaching and research activities linked to the technical aspects of architecture. The theoretical courses accompany the organised ‘workshops’.

Undertaking architecture projects requires the mastery of many construction techniques. As such, the following is covered :

  • Knowledge about the physical and chemical phenomena likely to be produced in the construction process (caused by the materials used or the long-term behaviour of complex elements) and the mastery of mathematical tools needed to describe these phenomena.
  • Construction technology which guarantees the correct function and durability of construction works. Particular attention is paid to the most up-to-date techniques for putting elements of a construction into place.
  • Structural stability, which firstly entails the general calculation of effort, and later the specifics of current structural materials.
  • Building equipment, designed for the comfort of its users (heating, ventilation, lighting, acoustics) with a particular emphasis on energetic performance. Sustainable development, the principles of passive buildings, and bioclimatism are also covered.

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