Plasma-Surface Interaction Chemistry Unit

A laboratory shared between the University of Mons and the Materia Nova research center

The Research activities of the laboratory of Plasma-Surface Interaction Chemistry (ChIPS) are focused on the use of cold plasma for the treatment of materials. This technology, already utilized in some industrial fields (glass, tooling, microelectronics …) is more and more considered for three main reasons : low environment impact, robustness  and flexibility.

Within this context, our activities develop from TRL 1 to 6 (in close collaboration with Materia Nova R&D center) with strong national and international partnerships. In all cases, our objective is to better understand the phenomena triggered when a cold plasma interacts with a material.

Globally, our experimental strategy consists in correlating the characteristics of plasma with the properties of the treated materials in order to understand the underlying phenomena and therefore improve the properties of these surfaces.

Contact person

Bâtiment Materia Nova B
3, Avenue Nicolas Copernic
7000 Mons
+32 (0)65 55.49.36 +32 (0)65 55.49.39