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The Bachelor’s degree in Teaching – Section 2 aims to develop your knowledge and skills to prepare you to teach from the 3rd year of nursery school to the 6th year of primary school. The four-year programme consists of a three-year Bachelor’s degree followed by a fourth Master’s degree year.

One of the aims of this programme is to train creative and innovative teachers who are able to adapt to changes in society and to the heterogeneity of the school population.

Organised within our consortium in Morlanwelz, Marcinelle, Mons, Tournai or Namur, as a joint degree with our three partner Hautes Ecoles, this course aims to enhance the quality of teacher training by encouraging the pooling of experience and expertise.  While some of the courses are taught by UMONS, the Hautes Ecoles are responsible for the curriculum.

Are you interested in this course?  Visit the Hautes Ecoles websites to find out more!

This training is also given in Marcinelle based on an evening and weekend schedule.

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Education and Teaching
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