The 12th International Symposium on Drug Analysis and the 32nd International Symposium on Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis.

From 11 September 2022 to 14 September 2022
Campus Plaine de Nimy - Les Grands Amphis

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The Organising Committee of the International Symposium DA-PBA 2022 is pleased to announce its 2022 edition, which will take place in Mons, Belgium, from September 11-14, 2022.

This symposium will be a joint meeting of two distinguished series: the 12th International Symposium on Drug Analysis and the 32nd International Symposium on Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis. It follows a series of successful symposia organized by the Belgian Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences (BSPS) in Belgium (Brussels, 1983, Brussels 1986, Antwerp 1989, Liège 1992, Leuven 1995, Brussels 1998, Brugge 2002, Namur 2006, Antwerp 2010, Liège 2014, Leuven 2018.) and brings together leading scientists from all over the world in the area of fundamental and applied pharmaceutical analysis.

DA-PBA 2022 will cover all aspects of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis.


Topics of interest

  1. Affinity and bioactivity (ligand binding analytics)
  2. Biomedical and diagnostic applications (including biomarkers, biosensors, point of care analysis and in vitro diagnostic)
  3. Biopharmaceuticals and gene/cell/tissue therapies (ATMPs) (development, bioanalysis, metabolism, etc.)
  4. Drug discovery and development (including MS and imaging in ADME studies)
  5. Omics for personalized medicine (microbiome, genomics, metabolomics and proteomics, peptidomics, lipidomics, venomics, etc)
  6. Micro and nanotools in pharmaceutical analysis (SERS, nanofluidics, nanomagnets, single cell analysis, etc)
  7. Natural product pharmaceuticals
  8. Pharmaceutical regulatory quality (including novel guidelines, substandard and falsified medicines, vaccines, ATMPs, etc) Pharmaceutical processing (multivariate approaches, fingerprinting, chemometrics, QbD)​
  9. Sampling and sample preparation (including non-invasive analytical techniques)​
  10. Biophysical and biological quality control techniques for medicines
  11. Environmental fate and ecological characteristics of drugs
  12. Novel methodologies for drug analysis


Preliminary program – Plenary Speakers

D. Guillarme, Senior lecturer & research associate

University of Geneva

Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Western Switzerland (ISPSO)

Group of Analytical Pharmaceutical Chemistry


Protein biopharmaceuticals analysis with advanced chromatography and mass spectrometry approaches
S. Pedersen-Bjergaard, Professor

University of Oslo, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Department of Pharmacy, Section for Pharmaceutical Chemistry


Microextraction using artificial liquid membranes and electrical fields
U. Holzgrabe, Professor

Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry

Institute of Pharmacy & Food Chemistry

University of Würzburg


Juggling analytes, column chemistry and charged aerosol detection – HPLC analysis of weak chromophore drugs
H. Wätzig, Professor

Institute for Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Technische Universität Braunschweig


Biomolecules and their physicochemical properties: charge interactions, CIEF and affinity CE
Ilona Reischl, Dr.

Federal Office for Safety in Health Care
Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety

Institute Surveillance


The regulatory perspectives on ATMP development



International Scientific Committee
  • Ann VAN SCHEPDAEL (KU Leuven, Belgium) | Chair
  • C. BARBAS (CEU University, Spain)
  • R. BAUER (IPW, Austria)
  • C. BERTUCCI (University of Bologna, Italy)
  • R. BISCHOFF (University of Groningen, the Netherlands)
  • Q. CASS (Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil)
  • B. CHANKVETADZE (Tbilisi State University, Georgia)
  • J. CROMMEN (University of Liège, Belgium)
  • A. DELOBEL (Quality Assistance, Belgium)
  • M. FILLET (University of Liege, Belgium)
  • P.R. HADDAD (University of Tasmania, Australia)
  • J. HAGINAKA (Mukogawa Women’s University, Japan)
  • K. HAMASE (Kyushu University, Japan)
  • U. HOLZGRABE (University of Wuerzburg, Germany)
  • V. IOFFE (Teva, Israel) Z. JIANG (Jinan University, China)
  • J.-M. KAUFFMANN (Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium)
  • G. MASSOLINI (University of Pavia, Italy)
  • R. MOADDEL (National Institute on Aging, United States)
  • V. PICHON (University Paris Sorbonne, P. and M. Curie, Paris, France)
  • S. A. ÖZKAN (Ankara University, Turkey)
  • S. RUDAZ (University of Geneva, Switzerland)
  • K. SANDRA (RIC Group, Belgium)
  • G. SOMSEN (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
  • Y. VANDER HEYDEN (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium)
  • J.-L. VEUTHEY (University of Geneva, Switzerland)
  • H. WÄTZIG (Institute for Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Germany)
  • G. XU (Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, China)
  • K. ZHANG (Genentech, USA)
Local Organizing Committee
  • B. BLANKERT (University of Mons)
  • C. DELPORTE (Université Libre de Bruxelles)
  • A. CECCATO (Mithra Pharmaceuticals)
  • A. COVACI (University of Anwerp)
  • K. DE BRAEKELEER (Université Libre de Bruxelles)
  • B. DE SPIEGELEER (University of Ghent)
  • M. FILLET (University of Liège)
  • S. HAMBŸE (University of Mons | Exothera)
  • G. MUCCIOLI (University of Louvain)
  • A. NACHTERGAELE (University of Mons)
  • J. SAEVELS (Association of Pharmacists Belgium)
  • P. VAN ANTWERPEN (Université Libre de Bruxelles)
  • A. VAN EECKHAUT (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
  • A. VAN SCHEPDAEL (KU Leuven)
Avenue du Champ de Mars, 8
7000 Mons, Belgium