Thesis topic

Analysis of representations towards aging of people with disability. Implementation et evaluation of a project to promote quality of life

  • Type
    Doctorate Post-doctorate
  • Keywords
    Gerontology – Disability – Health promotion – accompaniment – Quality of life/services


Our societies are experiencing an “aging population” (Iweps, 2016). Indeed, given the modern advances, the life expectancy of people with disabilities is constantly growing. These persons, despite different paths, facea new life expectancy and new transitions which they seemed previously excluded (transition to retirement, housing adaptations, grief management …) (Gohet, 2013 ; Delporte & Tursi, 2014). This reality raises the question of the adaptation of support systems, professional practices as well as the evolution of individual and collective representations. However, it has been shown that people with disabilities have themselves little knowledge of the aging process, though thi process is often accompanied by the emergence of new challenges and essential needs for expression of individual rights, the promotion of quality of life and health promotion (Jeanne, 2011 ; Geurts & Haelewyck, 2016).

Our intervention/action-research project wishes to collect and analyse representations of targeted population on cross issue of disability and aging ; collect and support potential and/or effectively deployed solutions ; contribute to the creation and evaluation of specifically tailored to the problematic tools.

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