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Screening for atheromatous lesions using nanoplatforms targeting VCAM-1, detectable by NMR and optical imaging

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    Atherosclerosis, VCAM-1, nanoplateform, MRI, fluorescence


Atherosclerosis is the primary cause of cardiovascular morbi-mortality in the world. There is a need to develop non-invasive techniques to detect patients at risk for developing atheromatous plaques, instead of angiography and coronarography that are used to treat advanced lesions. VCAM-1 is an adhesion molecule present on the surface of the actived endothelium and enable the leucocytic binding and migration. This molecule seems to be an interesting target for early screening because of its major role in atherosclerosis initiation and its presence in early lesions. Interreg NanoCardio project aims to create and validate nanoplateforms that link VCAM-1 and carry diagnostic probes for magnetic resonance imaging and fluorescence microscopy. The objective of the thesis is to validate the nanoplateforme : 1/ in vitro on activated endothelial cells, 2/ in vivo on murine model fed with Western diet and under intermittent hypoxemia, and 3/ ex vivo on human coronary arteries.

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