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Detail experimental optical flow measurements and flow pattern description in vessel phantoms in a controlled test bench mimicking in vivo pulsatile flow conditions.

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    Pulsatile test bench, pulsatile blood flow, PIV, multivariable control, 4D flow MRI, vessel phantoms


Due to the strong impact of blood flow behavior and pattern in the occurrence or the cure of cardiovascular diseases, the development of new drugs and treatments against these pathologies is requiring tools enabling to produce pulsatile flow conditions found in reality, ideally patient specific, to predict their effect. In order to avoid difficult in vivo investigations or virtual prototyping base on unperfect CFD model, in vitro testes are undeniably an efficient complementary method providing valuable experimental data and information. The PhD research aims at developing: 

  • A new generation of test bench technology and multi-variable controls enabling to mimic accurately a wide range of real patient specific in vivo pulsatile flow conditions for arteries phantoms having several bifurcations, 
  • And experimental methodology and post-processing technics to ensure unsteady time resolved non-intrusive measurement such as PIV and 4D flow MRI.

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