Thesis topic

investigation of biocorrosion of galvanized steel

  • Type
    Doctorate Post-doctorate
  • Keywords
    Galvanized steel, bacteria induced corrosion, electrochemistry, steel, corrosion


Galvanized steels are used extensively because they present a better corrosion resistance in non-aggressive aqueous media (like potable water) and in the atmosphere (atmospheric corrosion), than carbon steel while being significantly cheaper than stainless steels of other corrosion-resistant metals. These steels are however sensitive to several types of corrosion, including, as it has been shown recently, microbial corrosion in the presence of sulfato-reducing bacteria in sanitary (potable) water. This research aims to identify the mechanisms that lead to the corrosion of galvanized steels in the presence of bacterias, to develop methods for the evaluation of the corrosion rate and, ideally, to develop method allowing to contain their consequences. Towards that aim, ideal corrosion systems and pilot water installations will be developed and tested with bacteria-containing water.

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