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Carbon metabolism in Rhodospirillum rubrum: Optimization of the non-axenic culture of Rs. rubrum under conditions closer to the industrial process

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    Waste water treatment, Bioreactor, PHAs, Biopolymers, scaling up


Our laboratory is studying carbon metabolism in Rhodospirillum rubrum since many years. We have particularly studied photoassimilation of volatile fatty acids (VFAs) in anaerobic conditions. Rs. rubrum is producing PHAs in this conditions, the properties of which make useable in bioplastics productions. The aim of this project is to scale up non axenic culture of Rs. rubrum in order to reach conditions closer to industrial process. In particular, culture of Rs. rubrulm using effluent of waste water treatment unit will have to be confirmed. In addition, performances of PHAs production in different culture conditions will also be optimised at this large scale.

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