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Nanoscale studies of interfacial opto-electronic processes in hybrid photovoltaic layers

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    Hybrid materials; interfaces; photovoltaics ; electronic structure ; scanning probe microscopy


The project will deal with the elucidation of the opto-electronic processes taking place at the nanoscale at the interfaces between organic semiconducting materials (be they polymers or molecular compounds) and inorganic semiconductors (metal oxides or perovskites) in the active layers for hybrid photovoltaic devices. Those studies will rely on the use of scanning probe microscopy techniques such as Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), Conducting-AFM, and Photo-conducting AFM. Combinations of organic and inorganic materials will be selected and multilayer structures will be fabricated by coupling dry- (i.e., vacuum sublimation) and wet- (i.e., spin-coating and dip-coating) deposition techniques. The experimental results will be supported by quantum-chemical modelling activities carried out at the host lab. Understanding the details of the charge generation and charge transport processes at those interfaces will allow to design combinations of new materials with improved properties.

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