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Strong coupling methods for unsteady Fluid/Structure Interactions (FSI)

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    Interaction Fluide/Structure, CFD, maillage déformable, instationnaire, multi-physique


Virtual prototyping including numerical simulations is playing a major role in industrial designs. Numerous methods and solvers exist for computations involving a single physics. The actual trend to design larger, lighter and more flexible structures, the consideration of Fluid-Structure Interactions (FSI) is more and more a concern for the industry. Accurate, robust, efficient and flexible numerical tools must be developing or improved for their prediction. Among the possible approaches to account the unsteady evolution of the flow, some are working in the time domain and other are based of frequency domain. The aim the PhD research is to provide innovative contribution on these simulation methods for the calculation FSI. These developments should ensure an efficient treatment of the strong coupling between the deformation of the flexible structure due to flow forces acting on its surface and the flow changes due to the deformation of the flexible bodies surface.

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