Thesis topic

Study of bioresorbalbe batteries for medical applications

  • Type
    Doctorate Post-doctorate
  • Keywords
    Battery, bioresorbable, biocompatible, flexible, printing


The research subject deals with the study of bioresorbable batteries (vanishing and leaving no traces after a programmed use duration) implantable in a living organism. Nowadays, there exists a growing demand for sensors for medical diagnostics. All these measurements should be achieved in real time and ideally in situ, without taking samples. Recent studies are led about the manufacturing of implantable bioresorbable able to transmit data wireless. Today, the used sensors usually need an external electrical power supply. That is why bioresorbable batteries are complementary. Those would supply an electronic circuit comprising one or several microsensors for the monitoring of the patient’s state and/or actuators for controlled injection of some drugs. These devices being implanted in a human body their miniaturization as well as their biocompatibility are mandatory. In this project, we envisage the manufacturing of flexible batteries thanks to 2D and 3D printing techniques. The main challenges deal with materials that must combine several properties sometimes contradictory).

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