Thesis topic

Tribocorrosion of electroless nickel coatings

  • Type
    Doctorate Post-doctorate
  • Keywords
    Surface treatment, corrosion, wear, tribocorrosion


Electroless nickel coatings present a good alternative to hard chrome plating in several applications. Among those coatings, nickel-boron is hard, self-lubricating, wear and abrasion resistant while nickel-phosphorus is known for its corrosion resistance. Recent work has shown the interest of combining both types of coatings for some properties. Tribocorrosion (joint resistance to wear and corrosion) of electroless nickel coatings is still not much investigated. It is however essential for several applications. The aims of this project are to characterise the tribocorrosion behaviour of the standar electroless coatings and to optimize coatings to improve their resistance to tribocorrosion.

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