Computer Science, Software and Artificial Intelligence Unit (ILIA)

The ILIA service works in the field of intelligent and automatic data processing with a great expertise in the domains of artificial intelligence, computer vision, Big Data, Cloud and Edge Computing.

The computer science and AI (ILIA) department provides teaching activities in various disciplines. On the one hand, ILIA department in involved in teaching the basics of algorithmic and the programming languages such as C++, Python, Java and the different Web programming languages and frameworks.

On the other hand, the department is involved in teaching more specialized disciplines in artificial intelligence, machine learning, software engineering, database management, project management and cybersecurity techniques. ILIA department is also involved in the AI certificate “Hands on AI” at UMONS.

The research carried out by the ILIA department covers the fields of artificial intelligence, computer vision, data management in Internet of Things, Cloud and Edge Computing.

Contact person

Bâtiment Houdain
9, Rue de Houdain
7000 Mons
+32(0)65 374055