Interfaces and Complex Fluids Laboratory

Our laboratory is composed of the Fluids, Elasticity and Morphogenesis group (Pascal Damman) and the Mechanobiology & Soft Matter group (Sylvain Gabriele)

The InFluX Laboratory focuses its research activities around two main axes:

  • the fundamental understanding of soft matter and self-organization in Pascal Damman's group and
  • the fundamental understanding of the transmission of forces in cellular and tissular systems and the transmission of these mechanical stimuli into biochemical signals in Sylvain Gabriele's group.

Contact person

Pascal DAMMAN / Sylvain GABRIELE
Pascal DAMMAN / Sylvain GABRIELE
Bâtiment Mendeleïev, 1er étage
15, Avenue Victor Maistriau
7000 Mons
+32(0)65 373819 / +32(0)65 373824