Teaching activities

The department is in charge of 1st year lectures on physics for students in medicine, pharmacy, biology and biomedical sciences.








Moreover, several lectures are organized for physics students, in particular biophysics lectures, lectures on magnetism and lectures on physical measurement (in collaboration with of other instructors).
These lectures are completed by practical works, in order to illustrate the theory and provide a better understanding of the subject matter by the students.

We are also involved in a large number of scientific popularization activities in the field of physics, as well for secondary school students as for primary school pupils, and also for the public at large. All these activities are organized by Carré des Sciences of UMONS.

NaCl Crystal observed under a polarization microscope.
Photograph taken for the exhibit “Exploring the invisible”


We take part, among others, in:

  • an annual physics exhibition, intended for almost thousand sixth formers;
  • activities of “Printemps des sciences” (exhibit, Foucault’s pendulum,…);
  • cards of experiments for the primary education.

For more details, feel free to visit the website passion physique”. This location is not upgraded any more but it contains videos and files of experiments.