Research Areas

  • Natural risks :

    geological and hydrogeological studies, karstic collapsing phenomena, post-mining risks, seismicity, floods, protection against lightning, climate risk, etc,

  • Industrial and technological risks :

    reliability and industrial maintenance, transportation safety, fires, major technological hazards, land use planning, emergency planning, crisis management, toxicology, etc.,

  • Environmental risks :

    dispersion of air pollutants in the atmosphere, management and treatment of contaminated soils and waste, waste gas treatment and CO2 capture, groundwater protection, etc.,

  • Organisational risks :

    multi-criteria decision support, operational research, geographic information systems, cartography modelling and risk management in complex socio-technical systems, risk prevention in hospital organisations and in Health-Care Networks, quality management, etc.,

  • Socio-economic risks :

    financial management, corporate governance, public finance, corporate finance management, etc.,

  • Societal Risks :

    hazards related to the vulnerability of critical infrastructures and to new patterns of urbanisation, societal resilience, etc.