UMONS Research Institute for the Science and Management of Risks

Created in 2012 to federate the unique risk management skills found in the French Community of Belgium, the Research Institute for the Science and Management of Risks (ISMR) focuses on the transversality of a multidisciplinary scientific approach for hazard prevention and crisis management. Since its creation, the Risks Institute has contributed to the ongoing debates within the scientific community and society regarding the future challenges related to risks.

Given the complexity of our organisations and the interdependencies of our techno-economic infrastructure, risk has become a clear topical issue. In this respect, natural disasters, major accidents and socio-economic crises demonstrate how vulnerable our society is to hazards.

To highlight its expertise in the field of the science and management of risks, UMONS has decided to assemble, coordinate and promote the research activities from the academic departments involved in scientific disciplines related to risks through the Research Institute for the Science and Management of Risks.

Prevention or mitigation of risks is based on multidisciplinary scientific methods, which enable decision makers to detect the early warning signs of risk situations, quantify and analyse these risks, and develop a new approach for their governance. These methodological developments undoubtedly offer great potential in terms of scientific and academic research.

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