PhD House

Under the aegis of PhD College, the PhD House is a place, a space, made available to PhD students and their promoters, concretizing the existence of their community within UMONS. But much more than a place, the PhD House, in collaboration with “PhD College“, will offer PhD students the opportunity to initiate and manage their own projects.

The PhD House is a new community made by PhD students for all PhD students attached to the UMONS. This is also a place to meet between PhD students. On the one hand, first purposes of the PhD House are work-related: to welcome new PhD students and to give informations about all aspects of the PhD (for PhD students, M.Sc. students and promotors, etc.), to speak and exchange about researches, experiences, to promote co-working, to work and to train skills. On the other hand, its other purposes are fun-related: to relax, to exchange about hobbies and to make new friends.


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