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This database lists all the cross-disciplinary courses organised by UMONS. These courses cover 6 themes and are designed to help you strengthen your soft skills. Whatever your role, both here at the University and in your future career, these skills are increasingly sought after and highly valued. This is why these courses are open to all UMONS researchers. Some courses are, however, primarily organised for PhD students (the number of places available for non-PhD students is therefore limited). If in doubt, please contact the named reference person.

We remind doctoral students that these courses cannot be officially recognised or credited in their doctoral training without the agreement of their supervisor and advisory committee.

The 6 themes covered are:

  • Communication;
  • Research, Tools and Data Management;
  • Resilience and Well-Being;
  • Teaching Practices;
  • Entrepreneurship;
  • Career Management

It is possible to search for individual courses by period (first or second semester of the civil year), by theme, by date, using keywords, or according to the language of instruction (English or French).

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