Learning Languages

Languages are an essential part of teaching at UMONS. In addition to language-focused studies, all study programmes include language courses provided by the SLI which is responsible for organising:

  • language courses for non-specialists
  • inter-faculty courses and workshops in English, Dutch, Spanish and German. These courses are open to all UMONS students who wish to learn a foreign language or refresh their knowledge at beginners’ level. In some Faculties, language courses are included in the curriculum and are also offered as part of remedial training.
  • French as a foreign language (FLE) courses in the form of intensive preparatory classes before the start of the academic year, classes spread out over the academic year and cultural integration activities.
  • TANDEMONS, the buddy system for international ERASMUS students, in collaboration with the International Relations Office (SRI).


In addition, certain international Master’s programmes are taught entirely in English, namely:

  • Multimedia and telecommunication
  • Bioengineering

Furthermore, the various international mobility programmes enable UMONS students to spend from three months to an entire academic year abroad.–> link to international

Finally, the language training on offer can lead to international certificates, such as the TOEIC, TOEFL and CNaVT, which are increasingly sought after internationally in the industrial and academic world. -> link to international