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Combine biology, psychology and artificial intelligence to better understand neurodegenerative diseases

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Cognitive Neuroscience is a very complex field of research, requiring the contribution of complementary disciplines, such as psychology, biomedical sciences, mathematics and engineering. The Center for Interdisciplinary Research and Training in Psychophysiology and Electrophysiology of Cognition – CiPsE – brings together the activities of 7 research departments from 4 faculties of the UMONS. Its aim is to create an environment favorable to the development of multidisciplinary projects integrating new technologies and exploiting physiological, psychological and electrophysiological measurements of brain activity during cognitive tasks.

UMONS has a strong expertise in the development of tools (explainable AI) and statistical methods to integrate behavioral and EEG data for the development of precision medicine in psychiatric and neurodegenerative pathologies. The CiPsE has developed a multicenter recruitment network of Alzheimer patients (EpiCura, CHwapi, ISPPC, CHU Ambroise Paré) and has EEG tools (64 to 128 channels), Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS), Eye-tracking and Physiological Parameters Measurement for data collection.

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