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La manière d’intégrer des informations de haut niveau (mémorabilité, esthétisme, détection d’objets, concepts et actions) avec des informations de bas niveau afin d’obtenir une machine possédant une perception de son environnement cohérente avec la perception que les humains en ont

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    Doctorate Post-doctorate


The Numediart Institute has a long expertise in the analysis of human visual perception and its attention which allows to filter the acquired information. Attention has a generic component which is not based on any specific learning and a component which depends on intentions, knowledge or emotions of a specific person. With the arrival of deep learning models (DNN) high-level information suddenly became available. This project focuses on how to integrate those high-level information (memorability, aesthetics, object, concepts or action detection) with the low-level reflex information in a way which is coherent with the human visual system. This project is part of a larger domain of artificial intelligence and will focus on deep learning.

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