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New strategies for fast and accurate simulation models of MOS transistors and complex circuit based on system identification and characterization methodologies

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    Circuit characterization, components modeling, EDA Electronics Design Automation, Simulation optimization


The goal of this work is to improve and optimize the performance of an EDA (Electronics Design Automation) tool under development. The tool is dedicated to system identification, physical and electrical parameters representation, and simulation of analog, digital, mixed signals and RF circuits. System identification consists on the recovery of the external data and, by using complex mathematical methods, transfers that information to equations representing its internal model or behavior. Based on the external electrical behavior of a system (transistor, component or complex circuits), obtained through simulation or circuit characterization (direct measurements), The tool provides a representation model in the form of mathematical polynomial equations. This work is, at first, oriented to MOS transistors modeling and characterization. However, FD-SOI (Fully Depleted Silicon On Insulator) transistors will also be considered.

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